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The 360 Moments LLC rental experience is one for the books!


We are excited to unveil our brand new Selfie Photo Booth. No matter where you’re holding your event, the Selfie Photo Booth will fit perfectly without interfering with your décor.

How it works

An exciting, fun and memorable moment…

The 360 Moments LLC video booth experience is an exciting, fun, memorable moment that will last a lifetime. Guests stand on the 360 Moments, LLC automatic spin platform and watch for the countdown on the capture device to start the 360-video session.

Receive via text, AirDrop, email or QR code…

The booth is designed to rotate a camera/arm in a circular motion around you, family and friends, in an amazing high-resolution, slow-motion video captured from all angles giving you the 360 moment that you’ll remember forever! 

In seconds the software will generate your custom overlay filled with effects, animation, and music ready to be sent to your guests via text, airdrop, email, and QR code just to name a few. The host will receive a link to view and save all the photo-booth’s captures from the event!

Our attendees will operate the machine…

Each event will come with photo booth attendees. One of the attendees will operate the photo booth machine, another one to manage the sharing station, and a third to manage the line and instruct party goers how to get the best snapshots. All attendees will be observing to ensure the machine is being used within the compliance of our insurance policy.

Our guests talk about this experience for months…

Our clients love the production and the professionalism that comes with booking 360 Moments, LLC. All your guests are allowed to have as many video shoots as they can during our time at the event. Our themed props that are available and personalized for your event, bring character to the video shoots as some guests have expressed. Our guest talked about their 360 photo booth experience for months!

iPad Selfie Photo Booth

The iPad selfie photo booth is perfect for any setting and event. Stand in front of the photo booth, grab a prop, and get ready to pose. The iPad selfie photo booth allows you to take still pictures, and boomerangs that you can share to your phone, email, or social media in seconds! Add an enclosure to your iPad selfie-photo booth and create a LED light studio effect for your pictures and boomerang!

Contact Us!

Contact us today, ask about any running promotions and let’s turn up the vibes to your event. Email us at info@360momentsllc.com

Clients Love Us

According to most customers, “The 360 Moments LLC photo booth experience is one for the books!”

Who are we?

The mission of our company is to offer the best party entertainment for your event by adding the finale flair. In order to create a production that will live on in the memories of our customers, we pay close attention to their detailed vision for their event.

According to most customers, “The 360 Moments LLC photo booth experience is one for the books!” Everybody is a VIP when it comes to us. You are a star, so embrace your inner starlet and shine! Let us introduce you to our red carpet surrounded by gold stanchions and red velvet ropes.

Put your best foot forward and strike a pose. It’s now easier than ever to capture and share the moments that last a lifetime since they’re instantly sent to your phone. There’s no doubt that photo booths and video booths are the hottest entertainment party choice.

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