How does the 360-video booth work? 

  • When instructed by the attendee, guests will step up onto the platform, and pose. The rotating arm is connected to an LED ring light with a camera installed that will capture the video shoot. The attendee will count down from 4 and then the rotating arm will start recording your video shoot. Don’t be scared, do a little dance, or flip your hair. It’s highly recommended. 

Once the video shoot is over, you may step down from the platform, head to the sharing station, and have your video sent to your phone or email within seconds!

Can you print the videos from the video shoot? 

  • No, the OrcaVue 360 and iPad Selfie booth are digital-only services. 

How much space is needed to set up the booth? 

  • 10Ft X 10Ft X 10 Ft preferably in front of balloon arches, back drops, or standing marquee numbers or letters for a better aesthetic. But the place is wherever you want, it’s all about you.

How many people can fit on the booth? 

  • Our 360-video booth can hold up to 3-4 people per video shoot. 

Can children use the video booth? 

  • Children must be accompanied by adults.  

Do you require a deposit? 

  • Yes, a deposit confirms your reservation for the date and time of your event and the booth selection. 

Are you able to set up the booth prior to the event? 

  • As per our contract, we will arrive 2 hrs prior to your event to set up and ensure everything is running smoothly by the time your guests arrive. 

What is an overlay? 

  • An overlay is a visual filter that will appear as a frame around your processed video shoot. 

Can the booth be used outdoors? 

  • Yes, the video-booth can be used outside provided there is a flat surface, and a 10 X 10 X 10 space to complete the 360 revolutions. This is with the assumption of no rain. 

Are you insured? 

  • Yes, we are insured with Coverwall. 

What areas do you service? 

  • We mainly service the NYC area, anywhere outside may incur travel fees. 

What happens if I have to cancel my booking? 

  • Once you pay your deposit, you booked a time slot that will now be unavailable to others. As per our video-booth contract, all deposits are non-refundable.

Contact us with your inquiries.